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¡¤ Aluminum Alloy Automobile Wheels

        Yuhuan Shengda Automobile&Motorcycle Parts Industrial Co.,Ltd. is a grand Qimo Yuhuan many auto parts industry in part, but his own unique culture in the Yunyunzhongsheng from Ying and, gradually becoming the industry leader.
And the pursuit of our mission£º
We are committed to being a "good quality of + + competitive prices," core¾¹ÕùÁ¦the integrated companies, we insist on professional development path.
Specialization, is our basic philosophy.
We have accumulated a wealth of design, manufacture, testing and packaging experience.
We attach importance to customer needs in accordance with the effective implementation of programme design, he stressed that theory, techniques and methods of research and development and innovation, both of us to achieve a high degree of integration, and strive to improve the professional level of project teams. Specialization, not only will greatly enhance our in-depth study issues and problem-solving abilities, but also will provide customers with more close to reality, more effective services, create greater customer value. Therefore, we Meimingyuanbo. As always for customers to create real value, so we can always win the customer's recognition and praise. Looking ahead, we will pay more attention to customer value creation, adhere to the "long-term cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win" business philosophy, and strive to achieve our common customers and growth.
Companies firmly believe that£º
Employees are the source for the development of enterprises, individuals can give full play to the leading enterprises grow.
We have taken the management of human nature "to the staff decision-making source, the decision related matters."
We held regular staff training, improve the comprehensive level of staff, to promote enterprise development and growth.
-------Create an environment so that employees realize their value
-------To encourage competition and the spirit of dedication
-------Incentives to promote innovation
-------Sharing of benefits and common development
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